5 Tips when the Forecast Calls for Rain on your Wedding Day

You've spent months on wedding planning and the week of the wedding is here. Hooray! However the local weather network is forecasting rain on your wedding day. Yikes! Very few couples envision rain on their wedding day, however in cities like Toronto where the weather changes all year round, it's important to have a rain plan in place. Here are our top 5 tips when you might have rain on your wedding day.

Usually couples don't plan for rain, but it sure makes for great photos! Credit:  Olive Studio

Usually couples don't plan for rain, but it sure makes for great photos! Credit: Olive Studio

1. Discuss options with your photographer

When it comes to rain, what it impacts the most will be your wedding photos. Naturally, this means you should discuss options with your photographer. Do they have indoor options you can consider and do they require permits? Are there outdoor areas that have some coverage in case it is just light drizzles? 

Do you have a favourite coffee shop, restaurant or cafe? These might be a good option if it is mid-afternoon inbetween service and if you need an indoor option for photos. Always call ahead to ask the management if they allow it.

Some photographers prefer rain actually, because it makes for more interesting photos!

Usually it is on the wedding day that you make the call for where you end up going, but having some pre-meditated options will be great to have in your back pocket. 

2. Find some cute rainboots

Cute rainboots would be a nice gift for your bridesmaids if it ends up raining, don't you think? Find some that are all matching, so you can get through the rain in style. If it doesn't end up raining, you can always return them back to the store! But it's great if you have them on hand, in case it is heavy rain.

3. Invest in white or clear umbrellas

We wouldn't be the White Umbrella Co. if we didn't recommend you invest in some cute white or clear umbrellas! Check with your photographer to see which they prefer to shoot with. Some photographers love the look of the clear umbrellas while others prefer the white umbrellas that create a softer feel for photographs. You may have your own preference too.

Get a matching set for each pair in your wedding party, and maybe get a special one for just you two getting married.

Check out our shop or send us an email at hello@whiteumbrellaco.com to see what we have in stock if it is a last minute order. 

If it doesn't end up raining, you can still keep the umbrellas for every day use because they look great and are good quality umbrellas.

4. Bring towels

It it rains, it will be wet. This means your feet will be wet and your dress will be wet. Stay dry and help your wedding party stay dry with some towels on hand. It will especially be useful just before the ceremony and just after anything outdoors.

5. Don't sweat it

Wedding days rarely run perfectly as planned. It might be a bummer to have rain on your wedding day, but at least it will make for a story to tell! As with anything related to your wedding - don't sweat it and try to enjoy the day. The important thing is you will be getting married with your closest family and friends. It will be a wonderful celebration regardless!

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