How To Take Beautiful Wedding Photos even in the Rain

Just because the weather is looking gloomy, doesn't mean your wedding photos have to be. Be creative and think outside the box a little when it comes to taking beautiful photos in the rain. Read on for a few of our ideas!

Photo: Andrew Ho Photography

Photo: Andrew Ho Photography

Don't be afraid to get a little dirty

Rain actually makes for interesting photos. Don't be afraid to step outside and embrace the weather a little. Photographers can usually capture some beautiful shots in light rain. A brewing storm in the background can also be pretty unique. It might not be what you envision for your wedding photos, but you have a chance to have some exciting photos. Make the most of the situation!

White or clear umbrellas work best

If you are going to use umbrellas, find some pretty ones. Photographers will typically recommend white umbrellas or clear umbrellas, if they had a choice. They don't cast bad shadows on your face, and white umbrellas even soften the light. Clear birdcage umbrellas also look super cute!

Make use of reflections

If you are braving the rain, make sure you capture some beautiful shots with reflections on the ground. Keep your eyes open for puddles in interesting spaces and let your photographer know you might want to capture it. Walking hand in hand in the rain has a certain romanticism to it, doesn't it?

Have matching umbrellas and rainboots for the wedding party

Everything looks better when it matches. If you have an equal amount of girls and guys on either side, consider getting matching umbrellas or rainboots for them to keep the balance in photos. Alternatively, you can have a special umbrella for you both, and different ones for everyone else for some contrast.

Relax and smile

A happy couple makes for happy photos. You can't change the weather, but you can ensure you stay positive for the day. You are celebrating with your closest friends and family, and that's worth smiling about!


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