Custom Calligraphy on our Wedding Umbrellas

Custom Calligraphy with White Umbrella Co.

Custom Calligraphy with White Umbrella Co.

Custom Calligraphy For Umbrellas

White Umbrella Co. has partnered with Love Lettering who provides custom calligraphy. Calligraphy works best on our clear umbrellas at this time only.

Love Lettering uses a white, black or gold, water-based ink to write on the under side of the umbrella. Writing is done in one panel of the umbrella. If you'd like to wash it off after the wedding, you are welcome to but it will keep for a while otherwise. 

For calligraphy and custom lettering with Love Lettering, please contact and then order your umbrella when you are ready.


We are happy to ship the umbrella directly to the calligrapher if you like. You can then arrange for pick up or delivery afterwards with them.  Please arrange calligraphy needs first, then let us know when ordering to ship to the calligrapher.

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